The Peppers Pep Band

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The Peppers Pep Band has worked consistently in Brisbane and around the state since Expo 88, and continues to feature at many major events.

They are experts in revving up crowds at major sporting events and large festivals, making for an electric atmosphere, drawing large crowds of onlookers wherever they go.

They are also big media draw-cards, always attracting lots of attention.

Appealing to a wide demographic, they perform for littlies at schools, partying teens at music festivals, and rowdy fans at major sporting venues.

They also love crowd participation, so expect the unexpected - from a Mexican wave, or a sneaky serenade to their famous limbo competitions!

They mainly perform as a roving/choreographed 7 piece, but can go up to a 14 piece party band, or down to a trio. The roving line-up includes saxophone/s, trumpets, trombone, bass trombone/tuba/sousaphone, snare drum, bass drum and quads. Drum kit, guitar, bass and vocals are added for the party band.

The Peppers Pep Band offers a whole package for any event - from foyer entertainment, to dinner music, to floor show and a party/dance band to see out the night. Performing anything from swing to modern hits, they can customise their repertoire to suit your needs.

The dedicated band members are a mix of former Expo musicians, and fresh new talent. This combination of experience and eagerness proves to be most successful. Each member is a talented musician in their own right, having worked with numerous bands and performers over the years.



The Peppers Pep Band


Ph: 0414 817 401